Cod: 02951B

  • Landscape B - Framed mirror
  • Landscape B - Framed mirror
  • Landscape B - Framed mirror
  • Landscape B - Framed mirror
  • Landscape B - Framed mirror


Product code: 02951B

Dimensions: H.120xL.90xP.5 cm - H.47.2xW.35.4xD.1.9 in

Collection: Notorious

Designer: La Récréation - P.Angelo Orecchioni Arch.

Landscape decorative framed mirror composed by a brass structure containing three colored and shaped glass elements.

Each object of the Notorious collection is cared for in the smallest detail and made with typically Italian skill and mastery. Compliance with internal production processes certified according to ISO 9001-2015 standards guarantees its absolute quality.

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Marioni has defined an innovative tracking system for its product lines based on Blockchain technology.
This application, focused on production batches, ensures transparency, security, and reliability in our processes.

System benefits:
Product Authenticity: Every stage of production is immutably recorded on the blockchain, guaranteeing the authenticity of the manufactured product.
Supply Chain Transparency: all stakeholders in the chain can access real-time information on the production and shipment dates of batches.
Fraud Reduction: Blockchain security prevents counterfeiting, ensuring that the end customer receives exactly what they have purchased.
Environmental Responsibility: traceability allows monitoring the use of materials and resources, promoting eco-friendly production and waste reduction.

How it works:
For all products in the Notorious collection where the Traceability tab is visible, a unique production batch is assigned corresponding to the order number. Clicking on the production batch will open a PDF document containing information about the product, materials used, processing cycles, and start and end dates of the processes.


The overall project, named PRODUP, co-financed by the European Union (Ref. 101074542 - RE-CENTRE - SMP-COSME-2021-CLUSTER) and with FLOSSLAB as the technological partner, represents a significant competitive advantage for high-quality italian manufacturers. It allows certifying the origin of the goods transparently and unequivocally.

Co-funded by the European Union RE-CENTRE