We would like to inform you that starting from Monday, February 5th, the new Price List for 2024 will be introduced, and simultaneously, the percentage of the D.E.S (Dynamic Energy & Inflation Surcharge) will be modified to 4%.

Beyond the natural variations in the specific forecasts formulated by different agencies, a widespread consensus appears to be emerging: energy prices in 2024 will decrease but not to pre-crisis levels. Energy markets will remain in a precarious balance, and it may take little to ignite them again. While the strategic and geopolitical implications of imbalances in the natural gas market have emerged, electricity production has played a dual role as a high-risk activity, exposed to gas price increases, and as a potential crisis resolver through renewable energy sources. Also in 2024, renewables will be the keys to accessing a win-win scenario, simultaneously mitigating bills and climate-altering emissions.

Continuing upstream in the value chain, consistent with the outlined framework for electricity, forecasts for gas prices see a decline from the record levels of 2022 but still above the level recorded before the Ukraine war.

In conclusion, the upcoming energy year is likely to be better than the one that has just ended, but heavy uncertainties hang over the accounts of businesses and consumers.