Notorious is a collection inspired by the 40s style. A complete line that includes furniture, upholstery, lighting fixtures and home accessories where the use of exclusive and sophisticated finishes is synonymous of refinement and strong personality. Exotic essences such as Ebony and Rosewood, warm materials such as Parchment and Leather, refined fabrics and precious marbles such as Calacatta Oro and Saint Laurent, brushed metals and precious ceramic glazes, are expertly combined to convey a reassuring sense of refinement. Notorious project us into a Hollywood atmosphere where charm and elegance are intertwined with beauty.​

Discover the beauty and emotion of the entire range of Concept line consisting of furnishings perfectly integrated into any setting. This collection aims to give a new identity to Made in Italy craftsmanship, able to combine warm and suggestive atmospheres with ergonomics and attention to detail. A wide choice of fabrics and glazes, essences and patinas, allows you to decline our items in the desired finishes and sizes, making infinitive possibility of customization. Marioni’s character and style are permeated by contemporary values that merge past, present and future in a timeless design. Thanks to our skilled workers we are proud to offer an efficient technical support to develop any requests coming from architects and interior designers.​







In line with the style that recalls the ancient Tuscan villas, the path undertaken by Marioni begins for a proposal that is increasingly rich in simple and refined objects, handcrafted and integrated with each other, even in the smallest detail. A selection of luxury lighting fixtures, home accessories, coffee and side tables capable of instilling elegance, comfort and warmth into residential and hospitality projects. Each item can be customized in size and finishes to optimize its inclusion in the most exclusive areas.​